Eggheads: requesting functions to be exported and other things

panter at panter at
Wed Oct 27 05:37:56 CST 2004

i want some functions to be exported to be visible in modules.
For my botnetop like module i need:

 void set_key(struct chanset_t *chan, char *k);

A get_key function would be nice too (i know chan->channel.key).

 int handlematchattr(char *handle, char *flags, char *chan);
 int usermatchattr(struct userrec *u, char *flags, char *chan):

functions to get or set an udef(channel setting).

 int getudefstr (char *setting, int *value, int len, struct chanset_t
 int getudefint (char *setting, int *value, struct chanset_t *chan);
 int setudefint (char *setting, int value, struct chanset_t *chan);
 int setudefstr (char *setting, char *value, struct chanset_t *chan);

could write these functions by myself but udef isnt known in modules.

A bind that tells if a user gets added to thet bot.

I have an extra questions. i made a noclones module that kickbans clones on
join. it is using pointers to the nick and hostname of the memberlist entry.
is that okay?


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