Eggheads: Regarding x ban via bot

Dave C. davec at
Thu Oct 14 21:38:34 CST 2004

At 12:43 AM 10/14/2004, you wrote:
>Can anyone help me make a script which will ban a user in a channel 
>through X(undernet bot) and it'll be done via DCC. A command like: .xb 
>nick and also the time and access level can be defined in the ban. If you 
>know what i'm talking about, please help me out! thanks
>Anser Quraishi

just paste into a file (x-ban-undernet.tcl is what I used) and load it into 
the eggdrop

bind dcc o|o xb xkickban

proc xkickban {Handle UserIDX Args} {

set Hours [lindex $Args 1]
set BanTarget [lindex $Args 0]
set AccessLvl [lindex $Args 2]
set Reason [lrange $Args 3 end]
set Chan "#Your_Channel"

putlog "Using X to ban: $BanTarget Time: $Hours hours  Access: 
$AccessLvl  Reason: $Reason"

putserv "PRIVMSG X :BAN $Chan $BanTarget $Hours $AccessLvl $Reason"

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