Eggheads: Looking for this, know if it excists?

Ronny Vårdal ting at
Fri Oct 8 10:43:23 CST 2004

It's kind of a topic script - And there is quite a few of them out there, so I will need some help here ;-)

I will be straight forward about this, and not hide any information.
The channel is #xg - It's on Undernet - The channel URL is
Standard topic of the channel is like this:

:: Topic for #xg: -[ ]- :: Treff i høstferien, se websiden for mer informasjon!

What I want from the script, is to variables. One is SearchPattern, and the other one Prefix.
For my case, SearchPattern is "**", and the Prefix is "-[ ]- :: "

When ever a user on my channel, does a /topic #xg Hey, this is fun!!
The bot will crawl the topic for SearchPattern. If it's found, it will do nothing.
If it's not found, it will set a new topic with Prefix + Old topic, leaving it to be "-[ ]- :: Hey, this is fun!!"

This way, my "mark" will always be in the topic.

I also would like (if someone writes this), a public command like ".refreshtopic" or something shorter, that will temporarily set a new topic, like "Refreshing..." and then set back to the old one. If the bot can't see an old topic (empty topic), it will set a new topic - maybe a third variable called PreDefinedTopic "" ?

Ting @Undernet

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