Eggheads: log problem

Ronny Vårdal ting at
Tue Oct 5 10:41:37 CST 2004

A typical definition in config is:

set max-logs 5

raise it.. It's the total number of logfiles at the same time in eggdrop/logs/ folder.


> Hi,
> i had a weard problem.
> i was changing the log dir from some channels from
> "logs/titske/titske.log" to "/home/linuxke/eggdrop/logs/titske.log"
> it was not logging but that is not the problem
> but this is the error when i rehasd when i was done editing the config
> [19:30:55] <infinity> [19:32] Tcl error in file 'Infinity':
> [19:30:55] <infinity> [19:32] reached max # of logfiles
> [19:30:55] <infinity>     while executing
> [19:30:55] <infinity> "logfile jpk #dht 
> "/home/linuxke/eggdrop/logs/dht/dht.log""
> [19:30:55] <infinity>     (file "Infinity" line 23)
> i deleted the line from the config and all went well.
> i have to say the bot isen't on the #dht channel but that haven't give me 
> before any problem. so my question is is there a max number of channels that 
> the bot may log? there where 11 channels to log, now 10 because i deleted 
> that line
> Greetz 

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