Eggheads: Weird banlist problem

Meyer Levy trash at
Sun Oct 3 23:53:21 CST 2004

I tried to find r200!*@* in the banlist without success... and the 
hyperlinks are automatically made by outlook when I copypaste the 
information, sorry for that...

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Meyer Levy wrote:

> Problem Explanation:
> When the bot tries to change a ban mode in the channel for some reason
> sometimes it does not use the correct ban address.
> Examples:
> -----------------1-------------------
> There is a ban in the global ban list: ! [ 93]
> *!*
> <mailto:*!*> (expires in 10
> days)
> Then look what happens...
> [10:39:52] * paramecia
> (~sal at
> <mailto:~sal at>) has joined
> #venezuela
> [10:39:54] * MamagueBOT sets mode: +b r200!*@*
> [10:39:54] * paramecia was kicked by MamagueBOT (Banned: Mono Chavista
> Detected)
> [10:40:54] * paramecia
> (~sal at
> <mailto:~sal at>) has joined
> #venezuela
> [10:41:02] * paramecia was kicked by MamagueBOT (Banned: Mono Chavista
> Detected)
> --------------------------------------
> -----------------2-------------------
> Another example... I put another ban in the banlist
> [22:17:32] <WildKiller> .+ban *!*@
> <mailto:*!*@> #venezuela %1d

I have actually seen this kind of ban before, but I cannot recall what
it was.

It said in your paste that the ban was global, what about locals?
.console #venezuela
.bans all
(will show you bans for #venezuela and globals)

See if you can find that r200!*@* ban somewhere there... I think that
has to be in it's memory somewhere...

The latter problem you had, I cannot say anything about... A script
interference maybe? I've never seen an eggdrop do .+ban's as HTML
hyperlinks, so I guess no other than a script problem. Might even cure
your other error too.


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