Eggheads: Weird banlist problem (sorry I pressed send without finishing this is the complete e-mail)

Meyer Levy trash at
Sun Oct 3 23:49:36 CST 2004

<MamagueBOT> I am WildBot, running eggdrop v1.6.17: 30 users (mem: 130k).
<MamagueBOT> Online for 00:02 (background) - CPU: 00:06 - Cache hit: 12.0%
<MamagueBOT> Admin: WildKiller
<MamagueBOT> Config file: eggdrop.conf
<MamagueBOT> OS: Linux 2.4.24-sparc32
<MamagueBOT> Tcl library: /usr/lib/tcl8.4
<MamagueBOT> Tcl version: 8.4.7 (header version 8.4.7)
<MamagueBOT> Tcl is threaded.

I have a weird problem with my banlist, I'm posting this message here because I've already tried everything that was in my hands to try to solve this problem without success...

Problem Explanation:
When the bot tries to change a ban mode in the channel for some reason sometimes it does not use the correct ban address.

There is a ban in the global ban list: ! [ 93] *!* (expires in 10 days)
Then look what happens...
[10:39:52] * paramecia (~sal at has joined #venezuela
[10:39:54] * MamagueBOT sets mode: +b r200!*@*
[10:39:54] * paramecia was kicked by MamagueBOT (Banned: Mono Chavista Detected)
[10:40:54] * paramecia (~sal at has joined #venezuela
[10:41:02] * paramecia was kicked by MamagueBOT (Banned: Mono Chavista Detected)
Another example...
(partyline) .+ban *!*@ #venezuela %1d
(partyline) New #venezuela ban: *!*@ (requested)
(partyline) .bans *!*@
(partyline) ! [ 94] *!*@ (expires at 22:14)
(partyline) .stick ban 94
(partyline) Stuck #venezuela ban: *!*@
(channel) * MamagueBOT sets mode: +b *!*@123.
So it bans *!*@123. instead of *!*@

Things I've already done:
1. Removing all my own TCL Scripts
2. Upgrading tcl and libc libraries and recompiling the eggdrop
3. I installed the same eggdrop version with the same config file on another computer, an Intel P4 2.8Mhz with Mandrake10, and it didn't have this problem...

I'm using Debian (woody) for Sparc systems on a Sun SPARCStation 5, please tell me what I should do to try to solve this problem because I ran out of ideas :( Thank You for reading all my message.

Meyer Levy
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