Eggheads: Weird banlist problem

Meyer Levy trash at
Sun Oct 3 23:28:46 CST 2004

<MamagueBOT> I am WildBot, running eggdrop v1.6.17: 30 users (mem: 130k).
<MamagueBOT> Online for 00:02 (background) - CPU: 00:06 - Cache hit: 12.0%
<MamagueBOT> Admin: WildKiller
<MamagueBOT> Config file: eggdrop.conf
<MamagueBOT> OS: Linux 2.4.24-sparc32
<MamagueBOT> Tcl library: /usr/lib/tcl8.4
<MamagueBOT> Tcl version: 8.4.7 (header version 8.4.7)
<MamagueBOT> Tcl is threaded.

I have a weird problem with my banlist, I'm posting this message here because I've already tried everything that was in my hands to try to solve this problem without success...

Problem Explanation:
When the bot tries to change a ban mode in the channel for some reason sometimes it does not use the correct ban address.

There is a ban in the global ban list: ! [ 93] *!* (expires in 10 days)
Then look what happens...
[10:39:52] * paramecia (~sal at has joined #venezuela
[10:39:54] * MamagueBOT sets mode: +b r200!*@*
[10:39:54] * paramecia was kicked by MamagueBOT (Banned: Mono Chavista Detected)
[10:40:54] * paramecia (~sal at has joined #venezuela
[10:41:02] * paramecia was kicked by MamagueBOT (Banned: Mono Chavista Detected)
Another example... I put another ban in the banlist
[22:17:32] <WildKiller> .+ban *!*@ #venezuela %1d
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