Eggheads: Daylight savings time?

Mr.Tangent tangent at
Tue Mar 30 17:59:11 CST 2004

I run Eggdrop 1.6.15 that logs files for one channel that I frequent in 
channelname.log.20040330 (%Y&m&d regex) format.  Each night at midnight 
it starts a new log. Then I run PISG to render the statistics html.

My question:  What considerations should be given to the log file the 
day the time changes (Daylight savings aka "Spring Forward")?

 From my understanding, Spring Forward won't be that bad since the log 
will suddenly just jump one hour ahead.  But what about Fall Back, when 
we lose an hour?  Will this cause problems for PISG?

Thank you in advance.

-- Mr. Tangent
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