Eggheads: Archangel.log.yesterday doesn't exist issue

Michael xeon at
Fri Jun 11 04:26:17 CST 2004

OK, I've been using Eggdrop for years now and I have never been able to
figure out how to get Eggdrop to send the log files correctly.  I always get
the following error at 3 am when these logs should be getting sent to me as

[ArChAnG3L] [03:02] Unable to send Archangel.log.yesterday to
xeon at (Archangel.log.yesterday doesn't exist).
[ArChAnG3L] [03:02] Unable to send XShellR8.log to xeon at
(XShellR8.log doesn't exist).

So how does one correct this issue?

The configuration section is set to the default as follows:

logfile mco * "logs/Archangel.log"


logfile jpkbmnc #XShellR8 "logs/XShellR8.log"

If that helps,

Any and all help would be appreciated.


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