Eggheads: Allowing eggdrop to enter room with Key

Graeme Donaldson webmonster at
Tue Jun 1 22:04:45 CST 2004

Jubair Hasan said:
> to my best of knowledge, if you write like this you can overcome this
> situation,
<insert chanserv stuff here>
> again, for identifying purpose and to use services, you can use scripts
> like dalserv(for dalnet), or you can find one in

What if you don't have a chanserv on our network?

Michael, how about this:

.chanset #channel need-key { putserv "JOIN #channel keyhere" }

There might need to be a : before the key, I don't quite recall offhand.

Graeme Donaldson
Souperman @ #eggdrop @ Undernet

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