Eggheads: Allowing eggdrop to enter room with Key

Jubair Hasan jubair at
Tue Jun 1 19:34:31 CST 2004

to my best of knowledge, if you write like this you can overcome this situation,

channel add #any-chan {
    chanmode "+nt"
    idle-kick 0
    stopnethack-mode 0

    aop-delay 5:30
    need-op { putserv "PRIVMSG ChanServ at OP #any-chan bot-nick" }
    need-invite { putserv "PRIVMSG ChanServ at invite #any-chan" }
    need-key { putserv "PRIVMSG ChanServ at invite #any-chan" }
    need-unban { putserv "PRIVMSG ChanServ at unban #any-chan" }
    need-limit { putserv "PRIVMSG ChanServ at invite #any-chan" }


again, for identifying purpose and to use services, you can use scripts like dalserv(for dalnet), or you can find one in 


> Hello Michael,
> Tuesday, June 1, 2004, 5:03:54 PM, you wrote:
> > This sounds logical and probably safer, but how do you allow the bot to see
> > it once?
> > I do run getups and netbots, but I don't see how that solves the problem as
> > many have mentioned.  If all bots are not in the room there is no bot there
> > to allow them to enter when the room is key'd.  Am I missing something?
> If all your bots for some reason disapear from channel that's really
> bad.
> To make one bot join channel with key you can write:
> .dump JOIN #channel key
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