Eggheads: Allowing eggdrop to enter room with Key

Dariusz Kulinski takeda at
Tue Jun 1 12:46:49 CST 2004

Hello Darko,

Tuesday, June 1, 2004, 9:10:59 AM, you wrote:

> This has other, possibly unwanted, side efects - bot will start 
> enforcing n,t,k modes. In other words if someone removes mode 'k' for
> example, bot will try to put it back. This may not be problem, but if
> you wanted your bot just to be able to join and nothing else, let it see
> the key once and it will remember it.

usually scripts like getops solve the problem (bot can ask other bots
for key)

or as the last resort:
.dump join #channel key

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