Eggheads: eggies opped on the Undernet

Dave C. davec at
Tue Jul 27 14:19:38 CST 2004

At 01:49 PM 7/27/2004, you wrote:
>.+bot X
>.chattr X +of
>... in your bot. So that your bot does not get offensive towards X. 
>Traffic that is not considered normal towards X (like your bot trying to 
>deop/kick X) is afaik logged, and punished. You might loose X over it. So 
>play it safe...

I co-own an irc network that uses an ircd based on undernet's, using the 
same X bot (gnuworld), and I have yet to see any log of deop/kick attempts 
against X by anyone, unless undernet uses a feature that's hidden or 
unavailable in their publicly-available ircd.  Still, trying to ban X 
probably is a bad thing....

> > Without violating any rules is in my opinion impossible.
> >
> > To get ops from X, you need an X username. X usernames are only allowed
> > for live persons, and only one per person, too. Bots don't count. If
> > cservice sees your bot using an X username, they'll suspend the username.
> >
> > That said, just get an X username and add it as 100 to your channel ;)

As I've heard it, it's safe to register 1 username for 1 eggdrop for 
private use, but trying to use usernames on a bot-lending service with many 
bots (for example) is not allowed...  However, that didn't come from an 
official cservice rep, so I cannot prove if it's true or not.... :-/

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