Eggheads: WEIRD BUG [signed]

Joker Joker at
Thu Jul 15 19:30:47 CST 2004

Hi, recently I tryed the latest cvs version of the stable branch 
(eggdrop1.6.17) cause the
version .16 is very unstable for me it crash often.

But I found a weird bug in the cvs version, as soon the bots links and got 
shared they unlinks very often
with this msg: 'unleaflike behavior', I never had this problem and non of 
my tcl cause it.

After some tests I found out the possible reason, that is related with the 
introduction of this patch:

- Op (+o) implies halfop (+l) now.
* Patch by: darko``

Doing a match to my userlist I saw every user that had +o have include a +l 
also too, but the problem is
that even the bots have all become +l and it seems for an unknown reason 
that have the a
bot flagged +l "conflicts" with the corrispondent "+l may not link other 
bots" that should be a bot only flag,
that is given with a .botattr; but since the behaviour is the same the 
trouble must be there.

Btw I see no reason that a bot should implies to get +l (halfop), I think 
this flag should be restricted only for
an user, halfop has a purpose only for humans, a bot has the right to stay 
op since they have a different "job" to do.


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