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Mon Jul 5 14:51:29 CST 2004

        Hello Dariusz,

Tuesday, July 6, 2004, 12:19:11 AM, you wrote:

DK> Hello CoolCold,

DK> Monday, July 5, 2004, 1:10:46 PM, you wrote:
DK>>> According to my experience eggdrop is slow because of penalty points
DK>>> in irc servers (for example IRCnet). The solution would be to make
DK>>> eggdrop not send unneeded commands, so penalty won't increase so much.
>> from egg 1.6.15 server.c
>> ----- cut ----
>> /* Number of seconds to wait between transmitting queued lines to the server
>>  * lower this value at your own risk.  ircd is known to start flood control
>>  * at 512 bytes/2 seconds.
>>  */
>> #define msgrate 2
>> ---- end of cut ----
>> I tried to set msgrate to 0 to disable flood control but this didn't
>> help,so I've got no idea how to do this.It would be nice to has
>> setting in eggdrop.conf to enable/disable self flood control and
>> messages per second rate or smth like this.

DK> For example, IRCNet's IRCd gives 1 second penalty for each 512, and 1
DK> second penalty for each command so minimum penalty is 2 seconds. I
DK> don't know how it's in different networks but on IRCNet lowering this
DK> doesn't help it.
That's it - I configured my ircd to except my bot from flood limits:
[00:40:10] *** Spoofing your IP. congrats.
[00:40:10] *** You are exempt from K/D/G lines. congrats.
[00:40:10] *** You are exempt from user limits. congrats.

and I need my bot send as much messages as possible,not be afraid of
 to be killed due to excess flood...that's the problem is. In other
words i need to disable built in flood protection.

>> P.S.
>> ---- cut from eggdrop.conf ----
>> # Set here the maximum number of lines to queue to the server. If you're
>> # going to dump large chunks of text to people over IRC, you will probably
>> # want to raise this. 300 is fine for most people though.
>> set max-queue-msg 300
>> --- end of cut ---
>> This doesn't help too.

DK> This is not related to the speed, it's how many commands eggdrop can
DK> keep in queue.

np: Brainstorm "Maybe"

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