Eggheads: script devel

Graeme Donaldson webmonster at
Sun Feb 22 04:43:56 CST 2004

Phil Dibowitz said:
> Dave C. wrote:
>> No prob.. :)  Some of the variables in the proc line may not be needed
>> inside the procedure itself, but they still need to be there in the proc
>> line to avoid tcl errors.. :)
> Ohhhhh!!!! Voila... and it even works with putserv if I have the vars
> there.
> Oddly that never actually generated errors on loading. If it had, that
> would have been helpful....

It will only generate an error the first time the bind is triggered, when
it calls the proc with 5 args and the proc only has 2.

Graeme Donaldson
Souperman @ #eggdrop @ Undernet

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