Eggheads: script devel

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Fri Feb 20 13:47:59 CST 2004


bind pub - !some some

proc some {nick idx handle channel}{
putnotc $nick "Whatever"


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Hey folks,

I'm working on taking a pre-exiting script and adding some stuff to

All of the useful functions I added work. I also wanted to add a
"help" type message. It didn't work.

I made it one line. It still didn't work. Its REALLY simple. I don't
geddit. I have:

bind pub - !some some

proc some {} {
putserv "NOTICE phil : in ophelp"

And it doesn't msg me when I do "!some" I also tried other names as
well, but to no avail. All the other bind/procs I wrote that have
similar putservs in them work just fine. What am I missing?!

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