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Michael - Xeon xeon at
Thu Feb 12 20:43:55 CST 2004

OK, I guess I shouldn't assume, but my assumption is that this was being fed
into some form of mysql database and they would be quite useable.  Not
knowing how this data was actually being gathered at the backend, it would
make a good project if that's not what's being done today.

Just a thought,


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Hello Michael,

Thursday, February 12, 2004, 5:00:11 PM, you wrote:

MX> Don't you have viable backups for this stuff that you could just revert
MX> in cases like this?  That seems to be the best way to go in cases like

MX> Michael

Backups? Likely.

Usabilty? Proably not.

Remember, bots would become untrustworth is using a backup, due tot he
nature of the data.

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