Eggheads: Problems with stopnethack

Nathan Grass ( zaznet at
Sat Aug 28 18:27:45 CST 2004

> well, that network "which didn't advance to 21st century" thinks that TS
> is wrong, currently they implementing different solution (servers
> which are splitted don't give op to people who create new channels

This is a desired feature that makes stopnethack obsolete.  The thing
to do is turn off this feature by setting the option "0".  If you are
on a network that prevents nethacking, then you are already safe and
do not need the bot to save you.

> nick collision instead of killing clients, servers change nicks to

Boy do I wish that was around in my early days on IRC :)  I still see
nick collisions on DALnet so I'm not sure what their plans are for
changing that.  Most of the time it's a user trying to recover from a
ghosted nick and not someone trying to force the disconnect.

There is also a timeout option in "wasop".  Check the value of
"wait-split" to find out how long the bot remembers a user who was an
Op before the split.  Anyone who recovers after this time out will
fail a "wasop" test.

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