Eggheads: Problems with stopnethack

Darko Ilic darko at
Sat Aug 28 09:56:30 CST 2004

Hello Ronny,

That's a relic from the days when IRC servers did not now about TS (well 
unfortunantly one particular network still doesn't seem to advance to 
21st century). Nowdays servers prevent net-riding, so you may disable 
stopnethack altogether. Just to clarify this for you, is/was op test 
fails because, for all bot can see, that is a *new* user - the old one 
parted away. If the host remained the same, then yes, tests would work.


Ronny Vårdal wrote:

>I've seem to not understand the concept of stopnethack-mode. Might anyone help me to explain this?
>The manual says:
>de-op anyone who enters the channel with server ops
>0  turn off
>1  isoptest (allow serverop if registered op)
>2  wasoptest (allow serverop if op before split)
>3  allow serverop if isop or wasop
>4  allow serverop if isop and wasop
>5  if channel -bitch: see stopnethack-mode 3
>   if channel +bitch: see stopnethack-mode 1
>6  if channel -bitch: see stopnethack-mode 2
>   if channel +bitch: see stopnethack-mode 4
>My bot runs with these settings:
> (Undernet)
>13:33:31 <ting> .chaninfo #channel
>13:33:31 <botnick> Settings for dynamic channel #channel:
>13:33:31 <botnick> Protect modes (chanmode): +stn
>13:33:31 <botnick> Idle Kick after (idle-kick): DON'T!
>13:33:31 <botnick> stopnethack-mode: 5
>13:33:31 <botnick> aop-delay: 5:30
>13:33:31 <botnick> revenge-mode: 0
>13:33:31 <botnick> ban-time: 60
>13:33:31 <botnick> exempt-time: 30
>13:33:31 <botnick> invite-time: 30
>13:33:31 <botnick> Other modes:
>13:33:31 <botnick>      -inactive       -statuslog      -secret         +shared
>13:33:31 <botnick>      +greet          -seen           +cycle          +dontkickops
>13:33:31 <botnick>      +protectops     -protectfriends -revenge        -revengebot
>13:33:31 <botnick>      -bitch          -autoop         +autovoice      -nodesynch
>13:33:31 <botnick>      -enforcebans    +dynamicbans    +userbans       -autohalfop
>13:33:31 <botnick>      -protecthalfops
>13:33:31 <botnick>      +dynamicexempts +userexempts    +dynamicinvites +userinvites
>13:33:31 <botnick> User defined channel flags:
>13:33:31 <botnick>      -noseendata -quietseens -quietaiseens -nopubseens
>13:33:31 <botnick>      +mc.irc_services
>13:33:31 <botnick> flood settings: chan ctcp join kick deop nick
>13:33:31 <botnick> number:            8    3    5    4    4    3
>13:33:31 <botnick> time  :            3   60   20   10   10   20
>13:33:31 <botnick> [13:32] #ting# chaninfo #channel
>Still, it deops someone that WASOP, and did /mode nick +x, to register with X and get the hidden host ( ).
>I've tried to add +nodesynch, but that didn't affect what happens.
>My users ( notice, they are not added in the bot - so isop isn't triggered ), still gets deoped by the bot after rejoining with the hidden host, and getting remoded by the server.
>[case scenario]
>13:26:30 :: Friend (Realname) ~user at host.tld has joined #channel
>13:26:34 :: Mode: [+o Friend] by ting on #channel
>13:26:40 @<ting> Friend: /mode friend +x
>13:27:26 :: Quit: Friend (~user at host.tld) [Registered]
>13:27:26 :: ServerMode/#channel [+o Friend] by
>13:27:27 :: Friend (Realname) ~user at has joined #channel
>13:27:29 :: Mode: [-o Friend] by botnick on #channel
>[/case scenario]
>13:42:51 <botnick> Your console is #channel: mkcobxs (msgs, kicks/modes, cmds, misc, bots, files, server).
>13:42:59 <botnick> [13:42] #channel: mode change '+o Friend' by ting!ting at
>13:43:32 <botnick> [13:42] #channel: mode change '+o Friend' by
>13:43:33 <botnick> [13:42] #channel: mode change '-o Friend' by botnick!ting at
>13:39:44 <botnick> [13:39] #ting# status
>13:39:44 <botnick> I am botnick, running eggdrop v1.6.17+RC1: 2 users (mem: 1930k).
>13:39:44 <botnick> Online for 17 days, 00:18 (background) - CPU: 30:15 - Cache hit:  3.8%
>13:39:44 <botnick> Admin: Ronny Vårdal <email: ting at>
>13:39:44 <botnick> Config file: ./botnick
>13:39:44 <botnick> OS: Linux 2.4.26-ow2
>13:39:44 <botnick> Tcl library: /usr/lib/tcl8.4
>13:39:44 <botnick> Tcl version: 8.4.4 (header version 8.4.4)
>Am I just not understanding the concept of stopnethack-mode or what?
>AFAIK.. stopnethack-mode 5, in my case with -bitch is 3.. witch allows if isop OR wasop. And he WAS op...

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