Eggheads: Some triggers for bind flud & need a fast output (putfast)

BarkerJr barkerjr at
Thu Aug 26 20:32:24 CST 2004

> One more question, bind flud - msg? is for private messages right?
> But the proc specifies: procname <nick> <user at host> <handle> <type> <channel>
> Why would we need to include a var channel name? if there is no channel needed
> in private messages??! Just a thought.

All binds of the same type (flud) have to have the same number of arguments.

> [2] Can there be putfast something like very fast output which doesn't send
> data into any queues just directly to the server. Some of my bots have special
> flags on ircd's preventing them to get disconneted for excess flood even.

You can change MSGRATE (or something like that) in server.mod.

> A command like the undocumented 'putdccraw'

That command should work fine for servers.

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