Eggheads: Some triggers for bind flud & need a fast output (putfast)

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Thu Aug 26 19:49:26 CST 2004


I would like to give suggestions to the eggdrop coders for the next release
hopefully if they can include these functions if possible or not.

[1] Currently BIND FLUD has binds on pub, msg join and ctcp.
Can you guys implement more subtriggers for bind flud on the following


These would be useful as we would be able to use them in tcls and punish the
users the way we want to.

One more question, bind flud - msg? is for private messages right?
But the proc specifies: procname <nick> <user at host> <handle> <type> <channel>

Why would we need to include a var channel name? if there is no channel needed
in private messages??! Just a thought.

[2] Can there be putfast something like very fast output which doesn't send
data into any queues just directly to the server. Some of my bots have special
flags on ircd's preventing them to get disconneted for excess flood even.

A command like the undocumented 'putdccraw' (document it maybe under the name
- putfast), maybe if you can improve it? putquick with -next is fast but still
it utilizes a queue. Can there be anything faster? I need very fast outputs
because I want bots to perform modes locks on channels with mass flood botnet
joins very quickly, or kicking mass flooders out in a rapid go on floods and
etc, for other uses.


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