Eggheads: A putslow ?

BarkerJr barkerjr at
Wed Aug 25 20:10:15 CST 2004

>>I'm looking for ideas on how to queue up potentially a large number of 
>>messages, and feed them out 1 per X seconds (probably 45 or 60). While I am 
>>reasonably competent with TCL, I'm stumped on ways to achieve this.
> Off the top of my head:
> Have a global list you add lines to that you want to send.  Have a timer
> or TIME bind that runs a proc that removes the first line from the list,
> sends it, then sets a timer again to call the proc X number of seconds
> later.  Your other procs can then just add lines to this list.

I have a script that does this somewhat.  The idea is that if you develop lots 
of queues, you don't need to worry about speeds, just send the most important 
queues first.

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