Eggheads: Eggdrop 1.6.17 Release Candidate 1 Released!

Will Buckner wcc at
Mon Aug 2 16:20:29 CST 2004

Eggdrop 1.6.17 Release Candidate 1 has now been released. It can be
downloaded in bzip2 or gzip format from:

Some of the major changes in this release are:

   * The compiling errors (and the crash) that were discovered shortly
      after 1.6.16 was released is now fixed.

   * We now compile (with modules!) on Mac OS X and NeXT Step.

   * An improved Compiling Guide / FAQ in doc/COMPILING-FAQ.

   * Many improvements to the build/compile process.

   * Added a "stripcodes" Tcl command for efficiantly removing control
     codes from strings (see doc/tcl-commands.doc).

   * Several bugfixes.

   * Op (+o) implies halfop (+l) now.

       A note about this one:

          Due to a bug in versions of Eggdrop prior to this one, these
          versions see the +l user flag and the +l bot flag as
          one-and-the-same. On botnets with userfile sharing, this can
          cause old bots to incorrectly think that every halfop'd bot
          is a leaf. If you experiance problems, upgrade your bots to
          1.6.17, as this is a bug in 1.6.16 and earlier.

   * Added support for Quakenet channel modes.

   * Added a set of Finnish language files and a Finnish MOTD.

   * Fixed Tcl encoding issues with .tcl and .set.

   * Detect Tcl in $HOME/lib and $HOME/tcl/lib first, as to make it easier
     to allow users to override the system's Tcl version.

   * Bot idx's are now considered valid to the "valididx" Tcl command.

See the UPDATES1.6 file in the doc directory for more information on things
that have changed since Eggdrop 1.6.16.

1.6.17 will be released in basically the same manner as with 1.6.16:

   * Release Candidate 1 will be released.

   * We will then wait a period from 1 to 2 weeks. If no major bugs are
     reported, then rc1 will be released as the final version.

   * If a major bug is discovered, it will be fixed, and rc2 will be
     released. Then the process will repeat.

MD5 Sums:

bb61f82afd18255c21fc42e019e2f564 eggdrop1.6.16-eggdrop1.6.17rc1.patch.gz
0240b6c28e4386c6290894789416c360 eggdrop1.6.16-eggdrop1.6.17rc1.patch.gz.sig
cd101923353d58d9604e4e36e520e440 eggdrop1.6.17rc1.tar.bz2
59ca2e50f44b018f39d0b76daec6c96f eggdrop1.6.17rc1.tar.bz2.sig
a5b7879adca5b021ebea37ec53ee8f6a eggdrop1.6.17rc1.tar.gz
ee248f62aca35bea10ffc72e1166f897 eggdrop1.6.17rc1.tar.gz.sig

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Will Buckner (Wcc)

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