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Ronny Vårdal ting at
Mon Apr 26 10:56:02 CST 2004

18:29:17 +<ting> I would like to see eggdrop with the possibillity to log for a week or a month instead of just a day, with .yesterday.log being .lastweek.log or .lastmonth.log with a simple set log-by [day|week|month] even year?

Could anyone patch this? So that I can have it in my config, that the bot stores the log for a whole week before doing;

<dcc chat with bot>
00:00:00 <bot> [00:00] Switching logfiles...
</dcc chat with bot>

With a config that would be something like this:

set max-logs 5
set max-logsize 0
set quick-logs 0
logfile mco * "logs/eggdrop.log"
logfile mco * "logs/eggdrop.log"
logfile jpk #lamest "logs/lamest.log"
set log-time 1
set keep-all-logs 0
set logfile-suffix ".%d%b%Y"

# Decides how often the log should be cycled.
#  0 = every day (default, old behaviour) with suffix .yesterday
#  1 = every week with suffix .lastweek
#  2 = every month with suffix .lastmonth
#  3 = every year (fairly large log file, not recommanded) with suffix .lastyear
set log-by 0 <-- This is what I would like as "1" or "2" (mostly for PISG :p)

set switch-logfiles-at 300
set quiet-save 0

What do you think?


Ronny Vårdal
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