Eggheads: How to edit the internal channel rejoin timer on an eggdrop?

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Mon Apr 26 00:55:34 CST 2004


I would like to know how to edit the channel rejoin timer for
eggdrops. I am using the latest eggdrop1.6.15, running it on
OS such as FreeBSD/Linux.

Supponsingly the eggdrop joins a channel and is get banned
or the channel has it's limit full, which makes the bot unable to join
the channel.

Eventhough, when the eggdrop can't be able to join the channel
while as it is banned or the limit is full, a timer from time to time
like with a delay of 20-30secs continuously makes it try a join, 
as long as the channel is in the bots channel list (.+chan #channelname).

I would like to know how to edit this timer, in the files bot files and
compile them to make the bot join an a less interval of time
by the defauly previously set one.

I think it is a numerical value and wouldn't take to much to do so.
However there are alot of files and very large ones even and searching
manually I don't know the correct and was unable to find it. I am aware
with C programming and have done java, tcl, perl, cgi, so I guess I
can handle it, editing is not a problem.

I'm not sure which files this relates too but its in one of the
".c" files chan.c probobaly, then again I'm not sure.

If anyone can help me please let me know, kthx.


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