Eggheads: Daylight savings time?

Mr.Tangent tangent at
Fri Apr 9 14:42:33 CST 2004

Question:  What considerations should be given to the log file the day 
the time changes in the Fall?

I run Eggdrop 1.6.15 that logs files for one channel that I frequent in 
channelname.log.20040330 (%Y&m&d regex) format.  Each night at midnight 
it starts a new log. Then I run PISG to render the statistics html.

I looked closely at the log this past weekend when we had "Spring 
Forward", and as suspected there was simply a one-hour gap in the log 
which caused no problem.  However, "Fall Back", when we roll our clocks 
back one hour in the Fall, might cause a problem.  The log will 
suddenly drop an hour, and conceivably have duplicate 0200-0300 
time-stamped entries.  I imagine this might cause havoc for PISG 
(  Will this cause problems for PISG and what 
steps should I take to remedy this?

Thank you in advance.

-- Mr. Tangent
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