Eggheads: Eggdrop 1.6.16 Release Candidate 1 Released!

Will Buckner (Wcc) wcc at
Fri Apr 9 13:54:15 CST 2004

Eggdrop 1.6.16 Release Candidate 1 has now been released. It can be
downloaded in bzip2 or gzip format from:

 Some of the major changes in this release are:

  * IPv6 protocol support has been removed. It was poorly implemented in
    1.6.15, and it will be done correctly in a later release.

    You can still connect to an IPv6 server using 6tunnel.


    Then, in your config file, make the bot connect to localhost on the
    specified port.

  * Many, many bugfixes.

  * The eggdrop binary is no longer stripped during the compile process.
    This will make bug reports more useful to the development team, and
    ultimately will help for a more stable bot. You can still use
    ./configure --enable-strip to enable stripping, which will create a
    smaller binary.

  * Several more functions have been exported for use by module coders.

  * Support for non-x86 platforms and uncommon operating systems has been
    improved. doc/COMPILING-FAQ has been updated, and now contains a compile
    guide, which will be updated in versions to come as Eggdrop is tested on
    more platforms.

  * Support for +E/+I modes on EFnet has been added.

  * The hand2idx Tcl command works for bots now.

  * Added a new Tcl EVNT bind type, "userfile-loaded", which is called after
    the bot's userfile has been loaded.

  * All users can now .whois their own handle.

  * Better support for Mac OS X. This is still not perfect. If you have a
    Mac OS X box and experience any problems, please let us know.

  * Better support for non-standard "op" prefixes (UnrealIRCD, etc.).
    There is now a config file option named "opchars", which will allow you
    to configure what prefixes the bot will consider an op.

    The default is: set opchars "@"

    This will make Eggdrop recognize users with the "@" prefix in a WHO reply
    as an op. If you set this to "@&~", users with the "@", "&", or "~" prefix
    will be recognized as an op.

  * Tcl 8.5 alpha is now correctly detected.

  * A long-present bug has been fixed in dnslookup, having to do with the
    concatenation of its arguments. It now works the way it has always been
    documented in tcl-commands.doc. This could possibly create problems with
    some scripts.

  * A security flaw reported to bugtraq recently, related to bot linking,
    has been corrected.

See the UPDATES1.6 file in the doc directory for more information on things
that have changed since Eggdrop 1.6.15. 

We are changing the method used to release Eggdrop, as you have probably
noticed. The way releases will work will be something like this:

  * Release Candidate 1 will be released.

  * We will then wait a period from 1 to 2 weeks. If no major bugs are
    reported, then rc1 will be released as the final version.

  * If a major bug is discovered, it will be fixed, and rc2 will be
    released. Then the process will repeat.

MD5 Sums:
  95c83519e734946f0a714cf3a026e09f eggdrop1.6.15-1.6.16rc1.patch.gz
  8e60b570ff4c02bc9f35740189fe626c eggdrop1.6.15-1.6.16rc1.patch.gz.asc
  650cbffcb84ffc6c4dcdde1f924381b4 eggdrop1.6.16rc1.tar.bz2
  401242f3ea5ed584a360cf5bc1602eee eggdrop1.6.16rc1.tar.bz2.asc
  cb09763a029626d9388da9f4ffa33861 eggdrop1.6.16rc1.tar.gz
  5faab9b5ab798c868856e8fe521f5958 eggdrop1.6.16rc1.tar.gz.asc

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Will Buckner (Wcc)

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