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No, I'm not a moderator; however it's not really their jobs either.  Running
good antivirus software is just manditory these days and by 'good' I mean
something that ties into email software since that's by far the prefered
propogation method now.  (Long gone are the days where virii reproduce by
accidentally leaving infected floppy disks in the drive.)

Also, it's just common knowledge not to run email attachments unless you're
*absolutely sure* you can trust them.  Even that's no guarantee that you
won't be infected with Word macro virii or the like.  Good, regularly
updated antivirus software is just a necessity these days and trying to get
everyone else to take responsibility for your own safety just irritates me.

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> I think his point is that by posting to the mailinglist address rather
> the email address of any of those who run it, he ends up directing his
> response to us all.
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> > >protected. Your protection is your responsibility, not ours.
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> > You are running the mailinglist here?
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