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All are also choices that require you to take care of the problem yourself
vs yelling at us because you don't feel like you're properly protected.
Your protection is your responsibility, not ours.

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You could use an e-mail box that has virus checking server-side. That
way you never get a virus, (well almost never, I never have), in your

And I'm sure some good client-side virus scanners can interact with your
e-mail client to scan incoming e-mail before you have the opportunity to
open it by mistake.

Or just never execute an attachment, ever.

All 3 are good choices.

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Why isn't there more of a protection against viruses and spam emails
towards a discussion list?
All though this isn't dw, it's someone playing to be him. And this
person is

First step, should be not to save discussionlist emails in your
so that the virus can not know IT!
Thank God, that the list is removing attachments.

Med vennlig hilsen / Yours truly

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