Eggheads: error message

Dariusz Kulinski takeda at
Sun Nov 30 18:39:22 CST 2003

Hello Marthin,

Tuesday, September 2, 2003, 3:37:25 AM, you wrote:

> I got error message when try to run my eggdrop for the first time
> The error message like this:
> "Failed connect to (Unforseen error 2)"
> can you tell me how to solve this

according to:
man errno:

2 ENOENT No such file or directory.  A component of a specified pathname
         did not exist, or the pathname was an empty string.

I know it's weird, but it's all I can say, maybe some else could have
clue what's going there.

If you can reproduce that error, try to set console flag +d i.e.:
.console +d
and paste informations if you get more.

Best regards,
 Dariusz                            mailto:takeda at - eggdrop help

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