Eggheads: Make use of --{bin,sbin,...}dir configure options

Adam Golebiowski mysza at
Fri Mar 21 17:49:08 CST 2003

I have a small feature request. I would love to see eggdrop's configure
script make use of --{bin,sbin,lib,...}dir configure options, so that it
would be possible to install eggdrop truly systemwide. What I would like
to achieve:

I have eggdrop installed in /usr/bin, modules in
/usr/lib/eggdrop/modules, scripts in /usr/share/eggdrop/scripts,
helpfiles in /usr/share/eggdrop/help/. I specified all these paths
during the configure stage.

Now I create a directory called ~/eggdrop (or any other). I cd into that
directory, create sample eggdrop conf (with a #!/usr/bin/eggdrop at the
first line) and launch it with eggdrop -m. /usr/bin/eggdrop reads my
configfile, if there is any loadmodule options it looks in specific
location, if a module name starts with a / it treats it as an absolute
path and loads module from there. The same happens with tcl scripts and
so on.

Is anything like that planned to be implemented?

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