Eggheads: Compile Eggdrop1.7

stdarg stdarg at
Thu Mar 6 04:08:53 CST 2003

--- Taborda <tabnet at> wrote:
> I tried to compile eggdrop1.7 but not all modules are compiled
> Only blowfish, perlscript, script, server, tclscript modules are compiled.
> Can you help me, or say a hint?
> Please

Those modules are the only ones that compile right now. Well, javascript
compiles but only if you have the javascript libraries installed.

Right now there's no easy way to create the first user, so add this to the top
of your config.tcl:

user_add yourhand
user_setpass yourhand yourpass
user_save users.xml

Remember, Eggdrop 1.7 is still in an early stage of development. If you want to
run a bot, not code one, you should install Eggdrop 1.6.

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