Eggheads: Re: Decryption?

DJ TimmiDee djtimmidee at
Thu Jul 17 03:22:40 CST 2003

I recommend wordlists with some enhancments, for example Numbers at the end or
to substitute "e" with "3" .. and so on :)

Furthermore you should use the eggdrop encryption algorithms to encrypt the passwords.
Then you could compare your Hash with the Hash in the Userfile.

Using the DCC-Commands with eggdrop for tring bruteforceing pw's is IMHO to
slow :)

You should have some fast machinecode to do this :)

But you must have access to the Bots userfile and if the Bot uses some seed
for encryption algo, you must have also access to this :)

BTW Which encryption does eggdrop use? .. Unix-encrypt, blowfish, des ?
or does it use Hashes (md5, sha1) ?


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On 17.07.2003 at 10:40 Ronny Vårdal wrote:

>eggdrop requires at least 6 chars, so you can start with "aaaaaa" and move
>to "aaaaab" and so on :p remember.. after z comes 1 trough 9 after 9 you
>surely would need to also try - _ and other special chars.
>A simple use of a-z with 6 chars, can take from a few seconds if it's a
>dictionary word.. to several hours if not..
>Including numbers and special chars.. and 8 chars (as normal for a unix
>pass), can take days...
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>> On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 02:15:01AM +0100, Fábio Alves wrote:
>> > How do i bruteforce those passwords?
>> .tcl passwdok user aaaa
>> .tcl passwdok user aaab
>> .tcl passwdok user aaac
>> and so on ...
>> (good luck :)

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