Eggheads: Ruby scripting in 1.7

Simon simon at
Fri Feb 28 18:54:31 CST 2003

Hi fellow eggheads,

I would like to get some response on the interest of Ruby scripting 
support in 1.7.
Ruby is an object-oriented scripting language with a growing userbase of 
enthusiastic 'rubyists'.

Like with any languages, there are haters and believers. Let me post 
some of the comparisons I found objective and useful reading.

All in all, I believe they conclude that learning Ruby is somewhat as 
great as learning Python, and people should only experiment if they like 
to. And the less pessimistic voices of these documents even propose Ruby 
might be an easier language to start out with than Python. I'd see 
discussions of this kept to a minimum though.

Please express your general opinion on the building of this module (not 
necessarily for bundling it with the rest of eggdrop), and if you 
consider yourself able to contribute to the making. I had a peek at some 
of stdarg's scripting modules, and they're approx. 600-800 lines each.
Best regards,
Simon Shine

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