Eggheads: .chanset and key enforcement

wanderer wanderer at
Sun Feb 9 18:55:01 CST 2003


> | For key enforced channels and other possible obstacles to join a 
> | channel, refer to need-* section of channel record. You can there 
> | define actions to be taken when bot encounters such 
> obstacles (+k, +b, 
> | +i).
> |
> | Darko Ilic
> | darko`` @ undernet
> Yeah i know that, but how about just adding a chan .+chan 
> #chan key, i was just wondering if that is possible in some 
> way, without using tcl/dump/chanset.
The .chanset need-key is what you should use though.
It doesn't enforce the key, and allows the bot to join a keyed channel.
It would be possible to "rewrite" the .+chan command so that i would
automagically add the "join-keyed-chan" to the need-key chanset for that
But what your question is concerned: "No i don't know any other way"
(the "other" way to make it possible without using tcl is to rewrite the
command in the channels.mod before you compile the bot.)


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