Eggheads: Does this script exist?

Tom Laermans tom.laermans at
Wed Aug 20 14:13:17 CST 2003

At 22:02 20-08-2003, you wrote:
>I need a script that will maintain bans in channel; not one that will ban
>when a user comes into channel (thereby kicking them) but one that will
>maintain a ban so that they cannot enter in the first place.  We have a few
>people who are banned but come in anyways; with the list of users they get
>from the split second in the channel, they still raise a ruckus.  The IRC
>servers on the net in question, however, do not do permanent bans.

How can IRC servers not do permanent bans?

 From reading your post i'd think you want to place sticky bans.
But you end by saying your IRC server removes them or something?

(SiD3WiNDR @ Spidernet, Undernet) 

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