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Paul PaulE at
Sat Aug 16 10:58:51 CST 2003

Thanks for your quick reply - I'll apply that patch for now, but just to
check, is the correct order of arguments

static int QAUTH_HandleNotices(char * pNick, char * pHost, char * pHand,
char * pText, char * pDest) ??

I was trying to track down the bug in order to confirm it, but I got a
little confused as to how/where server_5char / server_6char gets called
- does this come from the Tcl_VarEval call in Trigger_Bind() (which I
find dubious) or do builtins get intercepted at a higher level I hadnt
noticed yet?


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--- Paul <PaulE at> wrote:
> I think I have found another eggdrop bug in 1.6.15...

Looks like that one's been in there for years. Fixed in cvs now, thanks

> Works just fine. Can you advise me on the fix for this? Should I 
> change it so that the server module now has this?
> H_notc = add_bind_table("notc", HT_STACKABLE, server_5char); // 
> (obviously writing a server_5char) (server.mod\server.c line 11)

Yes, this is what needed to be fixed. (Although for me it's line 1983

> Or am I doing something arcanely wrong?
> Please help!
> Paul.

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