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Philip Richardson ppslim at
Wed Apr 30 02:31:13 CST 2003

Tuesday, April 29, 2003, 11:51:36 PM, Philip Richardson wrote:

  PC Plus. Dunno how available it is on the other side of the pond
  (though I do remember purchasing it on my last visit).

  As usual, yes, Linux distros are provided on the disks (3 in total),
  and eggdrop may well be included in the ISO's. However, the copy I
  seen was not part of it. It was freely sitting within the library of
  software they provide. It even had it's it's own little piece on the
  cover-disk interface.

  I even found the egghead logo sitting on this disk, though it isn't
  used in the interface (shame).

JF> what mag? 

JF> Are they shipping a linux distro that comes with eggdrop?

>> Hello Eggheads,
>>   Anyone know how long some of the PC magazines have been shipping
>>   eggdrop on them?
>>   Just noticed one today, then wondered why considering most of the
>>   Magz contents doesn't anywhere near the subject of bots.
Eggdrop: Wooopps!
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