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Wed Apr 23 15:50:27 CST 2003

Ronny Vårdal wrote:

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>>Ronny Vårdal wrote:
>>>Also.. Not regarding to the userinfo.tcl, but when speaking of the userfile.
>>>If I .chattr someone +o #channel2, then I do .chattr someone -o #channel2, the user whois would say:
>>>15:21:02  bot : HANDLE    PASS NOTES FLAGS           LAST
>>>15:21:02  bot : someone      yes      0 hp              13:35 (@bot)
>>>15:21:02  bot :    #channel2        -               never
>>>why have the "-" and not just if "-" just remove the line completely?
>>Because there's still info saved in the userfile about the channel: e.g.
>>an info-line (can be channel specific) and the "last seen time". If you
>>want to remove alls infos about a channel from a user simply use:
>>.-chrec someone #channel2
>>This removes flags as well as info lines and the last seen entry.
>I do not agree...
>I once got a .tcl line on #eggdrop to wipe out every #channel record on
>users that had no flags ("-").
>Of course if someone doesn't even have globalflags or other channel flags..
>then you could remove the user with .-user <user>.
>I'm talking about when .chattr -flag = +flag, so that the user stands
>without ANY flags for a channel.. why then keep the channel line? Obviously
>the user isn't there anymore, or shouldn't be of importance on it.
I wouldn't want to delete the infos regarding last seen or info line 
just because someone removed the flags. I have some users in a channel 
that want others to be able to see when they were last in a specific 
channel. but they don't have flags on the channel simply because they 
don't want them. There are users on IRC which have no interest in voice 
or op. Linking the flags to the existance of the channel record would 
mean that I have to give each of them a channelflag. I could give them 
all e.g. the +S flag but it would be an additional flag I would need to 
If you don't like this behaviour it shouldn't be a real problem to 
change the chattr command using tcl to remove these "empty" channel 
records or run a script once a day which removes alle of these channel 
I prefer the current way because it leaves the choice to the owner of 
the bot.

Daniel Frank

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