Eggheads: About userinfo.tcl in the next 1.6.14 release

Daniel Frank eggheads at
Wed Apr 23 11:13:51 CST 2003

Ronny Vårdal wrote:

>Also.. Not regarding to the userinfo.tcl, but when speaking of the userfile.
>If I .chattr someone +o #channel2, then I do .chattr someone -o #channel2, the user whois would say:
>15:21:02  bot : HANDLE    PASS NOTES FLAGS           LAST
>15:21:02  bot : someone      yes      0 hp              13:35 (@bot)
>15:21:02  bot :    #channel2        -               never
>why have the "-" and not just if "-" just remove the line completely?
Because there's still info saved in the userfile about the channel: e.g. 
an info-line (can be channel specific) and the "last seen time". If you 
want to remove alls infos about a channel from a user simply use:
.-chrec someone #channel2
This removes flags as well as info lines and the last seen entry.

Daniel Frank

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