Eggheads: About userinfo.tcl in the next 1.6.14 release

Ronny Vårdal ting at
Wed Apr 23 07:22:29 CST 2003

I feel personally that there should be a 4th command in the script, besides the existing:
#   msg      <info>         To change your <info> via /MSG.
#   dcc     .<info>         To change your <info> via DCC.
#   dcc     .ch<info>       To change someone else's <info> via DCC.

What I'm missing is a way to clear a field (remove it from the user)..
Let's just for an example that Per has set .gf Heidi... Then he "suddenly" turns gay, and wants to remove the .gf field all together, and set .bf Harald.
There is no way you can remove the .gf, other then to set it to "-" or equal.. 
I would like it to just vanish from the user in the userfile.

Also.. Not regarding to the userinfo.tcl, but when speaking of the userfile.

If I .chattr someone +o #channel2, then I do .chattr someone -o #channel2, the user whois would say:
15:21:02  bot : HANDLE    PASS NOTES FLAGS           LAST
15:21:02  bot : someone      yes      0 hp              13:35 (@bot)
15:21:02  bot :    #channel2        -               never

why have the "-" and not just if "-" just remove the line completely?


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