Eggheads: need some changes in script

Bane asarhad at sezampro.yu
Mon Apr 21 05:20:10 CST 2003

i need to chane this so it will work as it is only that it doesn't requier T
flag for user. i need that everyone who joins channel can use public command
is it enough to remove T and put - or what?

part of code:
bind pub T !target show_trgt
proc show_trgt {nick host hand chan text} {
  global target trgt_set trgt_user planet trgt_length
  if { ![string compare $trgt_set 1]} {
    putserv "NOTICE $nick :Target galaxy is $target(1), launch is scheduled
for $target(2)"
    if { $trgt_length < 1 } {
      putserv "NOTICE $nick :No planets have been reserved yet."
      } { putserv "NOTICE $nick :Currently reserved planets are: [lsort
-integer [array names planet]]"}
    } else { putserv "NOTICE $nick :No target is set." }

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