Eggdrop and efnet (was: Re: Eggheads: +a channel vs chanusermodes)

John Enterkin jenterkin at
Tue Apr 15 22:56:32 CST 2003

well i wasnt there when they put the first eggdrop on a server. :) so i 
could be wrong about the network.  but when i looked in the earliest config 
file i could find, in eggdrop 0.7 or somesuch, the servers listed were all 
servers that i have known only as Efnet servers, at least all the ones i 
knew at all. #gayteen i believe it was but i couldnt swear to it.  i didnt 
start using eggdrop till 0.9n tho.

yep #gayteen.

from the config for eggdrop 0.7d:


# these are dynamic (ie, chan be changed and rehashed)
channel #gayteen
nick Valis

John Enterkin

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>Eggdrop wasn't born on EFnet it was born on like undernet or something
>in #gaychat or a similar channel. :P
>But you are correct about eggdrops on EFnet... that's one of the primary
>networks for eggdrops, undernet likely would be second.
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>dude i dont know what cave you have been living in but there are
>more eggdrop on efnet than any other network, specifically BECAUSE it
>has no
>other way to maintain stability in a channel.  and 'against network
>maybe you better go to and read item numbers
>thru 10.
>not only that, if you knew eggdrop history, eggdrop was BORN on efnet.
>John Enterkin
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> >
> >EFnet, the example you gave, doesn't even support channel ownership.
> >are you to put a bot in an 'equal rights' channel that you don't own,
> >alone 25? How much are these people paying for something that's against
> >network policy in the first place? $50? $75? $100?  These networks want
> >to be about chatting, not about bankrupting yourself in order to
> >yourself as a god above all the other chatters.
> >
> >Channel Services, pretty much everywhere, are for the sole purpose of
> >registering an owner of a channel, to prevent takeovers. Bots do all
> >hard work, keeping op/voice/ban lists, protecting the channel from
> >and other questionable content (advertising, profanity, clones), and
> >reference and entertainment that needs to be available 24/7 (such as
> >market data, dictionary services, calculator, etc). There's also
>logging as
> >you mentioned.
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