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Hello Bane,

Thursday, April 10, 2003, 1:57:57 AM, you wrote:

> Hi,
> is there any goood link for fast learning TCL. like learn tcl in 14 days...
> i don't need to learn all tcl and to be experienced just for some small
> custom needs of my #
> or if anyone is glad to help me change existing tcl to add some futures i
> would be greatfull.
> (it is based on changing topics with some commands and overall that's it...

Personaly I learned using TCL Manual
doc/tcl-commands.doc (included with eggdrop) and looking at somebody's

If you wan't to learn very fast, you should learn first pure TCL,
there is list of tutorials
After that you just need review list of eggdrop commands.

Here is book Tcl/tk in 24 hours by Sams

According to links this is html version of that book, but actually
doesn't look like it:

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