Eggheads: Variable name?

Torsten mastert at
Thu Apr 10 09:27:43 CST 2003

set users [llength [chanlist "#blah"]];


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>Datum: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 10:25:19 -0400
>Von: "Rogue Shoten" 
<shoten at>  
>Betreff: Eggheads: Variable name?  
>An: <eggheads at>
>I'm trying to modify my anti-flyby script so that it 
won't trigger if there
>are less than a certain # of people in a channel.  
The trick is, I can't
>figure out which (if any) variable is used to report 
this number.  I can see
>it in the code of eggdrop itself, but I'm not sure 
how to reference it from
>within TCL.  Does anyone happen to know this 
one off the top of their head?

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