Eggdrop and efnet (was: Re: Eggheads: +a channel vs chanuser modes)

John Enterkin jenterkin at
Thu Apr 10 03:58:56 CST 2003

dude i dont know what cave you have been living in but there are probably 
more eggdrop on efnet than any other network, specifically BECAUSE it has no 
other way to maintain stability in a channel.  and 'against network policy'? 
maybe you better go to and read item numbers 8 
thru 10.

not only that, if you knew eggdrop history, eggdrop was BORN on efnet.

John Enterkin

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>Subject: Re: Eggheads: +a channel vs chanuser modes
>Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 02:38:19 +0100
>EFnet, the example you gave, doesn't even support channel ownership.  Who
>are you to put a bot in an 'equal rights' channel that you don't own, let
>alone 25? How much are these people paying for something that's against
>network policy in the first place? $50? $75? $100?  These networks want IRC
>to be about chatting, not about bankrupting yourself in order to proclaim
>yourself as a god above all the other chatters.
>Channel Services, pretty much everywhere, are for the sole purpose of
>registering an owner of a channel, to prevent takeovers. Bots do all the
>hard work, keeping op/voice/ban lists, protecting the channel from attacks
>and other questionable content (advertising, profanity, clones), and any
>reference and entertainment that needs to be available 24/7 (such as live
>market data, dictionary services, calculator, etc). There's also logging as
>you mentioned.

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