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Philip Richardson ppslim at
Thu Apr 10 03:04:13 CST 2003

Thursday, April 10, 2003, 9:57:57 AM, Philip Richardson wrote:

B> Hi,
B> is there any goood link for fast learning TCL. like learn tcl in 14 days...
B> i don't need to learn all tcl and to be experienced just for some small
B> custom needs of my #
B> or if anyone is glad to help me change existing tcl to add some futures i
B> would be greatfull.
B> (it is based on changing topics with some commands and overall that's it...

B> Cheers
B> Ash

  I strongly suggest starting off at the forum.

  Look in the "Tcl FAQ" forum, where there is a post with some good

  You can also post to ask specific questions, where I am normally
  there to give fast answers.
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