Eggheads: +a channel vs chanuser modes

Philip Richardson ppslim at
Wed Apr 9 01:43:35 CST 2003

Hello Kass,

Wednesday, April 9, 2003, 2:44:15 AM, you wrote:

KL> EFnet, your right works under the premises of no ownership of anything.
KL> And the way you keep ownership is via bots. There are several bot
KL> tolerant servers on EFnet, and the admins don't care if you run them so
KL> long as they are on the proper servers and are non-abusive.

KL> Unless I'm mistaken the vast majority of networks with services do not
KL> like bots and the HUGE channels on those networks do not even use bots.
KL> You are correct to use bots for the "grunt" work of channel management,
KL> like flood prevention, swear word kicks, and entertainment value. But I
KL> feel you're wrong to use eggdrops for op/voice/ban on a network with
KL> services. The services are usually better at handling the op/voice/ban
KL> of users. 

  First off, I would do your research again on eggdrop.

  Eggdrop was originaly coded for the purpose of channel managment and
  protection, though it didn't provide all the protection features it
  sports today.

  The goal on "services" enabled network, is not allways to do the
  managment. I agree that people do this, and it is pathetic to do.
  However, eggdrop is more controlable over services. WYSIWYG with

  This is no longer all that eggdrop provides. Trivia, seen,
  information, searching, ai, enhanced security, enhanced floor
  curbing, spam killiong and many hundreds of other uses, which
  services do not provide.

  I would seriously take another look at the reason behind subscribing
  to this list, if you feel that users on servicless networks
  shouldn't run so many bots, or bots for that matter. As for for not
  running on service enabled networks, with all the reasons above, why
  can't they?

  Eggdrop is a clinet, just like mIRC, but is fully automated. While
  service and IRC admins have the right to deny bots, most do allow
  them. They do this, by not tolerating war bots, all other are not
  hunted, but kill be killed should they be found.

  According to your beliefes, eggdrop should have died off long ago.

Best regards,
 Philip                            mailto:ppslim at

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