Eggheads: +a channel vs chanuser modes

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Tue Apr 8 12:41:12 CST 2003

The network has channel services? If so why do you need an eggdrop to
manage the channel ops. I don't see the point in coding eggdrop to
support every single oddity network out there. If your bot is for
novelty purposes, and not channel management (which is what channel
services is for), then it doesn't even need ops.

My two cents.

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Some of the networks I've used have +a meaning 'channel admin'. The
comes when a user's access on channel services is so high that they only
receive +a and not +o, so eggdrop can't see the user (or itself) as an

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 Hello Philip,

Tuesday, April 8, 2003, 7:04:27 AM, you wrote:

> More and more network are stating to use the +a channel user mode.

> This is becoming more of a problem for some users where a service
> bot, or any users sets a user +a before the bot gains +o.

> What is the +a channel mode for, and doesn't it only apply to
> !channels?

On IRCNet +a stands for anonymous, and is only available on !channels.
People cannot see each other, everything what is said on cannel looks
like is send from somebody who have nick "anonymous".

I don't think that many people actually use this mode, since it's not
really useful for normal channels.
Maybe on other networks it have different meaning.

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